01 June 2023

Portrait in “Une brique dans le ventre” – 20/05/23

An interview on “Une brique dans le ventre” on 20/05/23

We are delighted that Woodcab appeared on 20/05/23 on the RTBF programme “Une brique dans le ventre”, a flagship programme that we have followed regularly since we were kids.

Stay tuned : in September, we will also be appearing on RTL’s Waldorado programme.

We are seeing growing interest in our flexible, forward-looking solution from the B2C and B2B public, as well as from the construction sector.

Thanks to RTBF, laUne and Sandrine Devuyst for thinking of us.
Thanks to the Snark production team for a job well done !

Discover it here from minute 04:24 :