Our story

The WOODCAB adventure began with Arthur, who graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2009 as an engineer-architect with a passion for demountable and modular furniture construction. In 2015, he discovered the capsule hotels and micro-rooms of Japan. He was fascinated by the functional buildings you find in the mountains, such as high-altitude refuges and lofts. It was from these constructions – strongly influenced by technical constraints, prefabricated, and easily dismantled and repaired – that he imagined the first WOODCAB.


Arthur discovers capsule hotels and their micro-rooms in Japan.


Arthur created the first prototype of a modular demountable room in wood entirely cut out with a numerical control saw.


A partnership is established around a multidisciplinary team (carpenter, engineers and architects).


Arthur joined forces with Cedric who became responsible for the commercial and digital sides of the business, as well as Maxime, who now manages finance, leasing, and circularity.


All WOODCAB models are produced in Belgium and installed all over Europe. We offer open houses in test gardens for our 3 different models (from 6 to 20 sq. m).

Woodcab in figures

1 ton

of CO2 per m³ of carbon gain

50 years

of sustainability


of wood or plant material


of installation on average

Our team

Arthur Dumont

Founder, CEO, Head of Product

10+ years experience as an Engineer-Architect in Construction & design industry.

Cedric Nobels

Co-Founder Head of Sales & Digital

10+ years experience in Digital Agency as Sales Director.

Maroussia de Gheldere

Sales Executive

Trained as an Interior Designer and 3 years experience in customer relations.



WOODCAB is a totally circular product.


Moveable, it can have many lives.


Dismountable and assembled without glue, it is entirely reusable in other WOODCAB's or in other new construction cycles.


After their reuse, the different materials we use can be 100% recycled into wood fibre. We use PEFC certified European wood. 100% renewable, it requires 5x less raw material and 4x less energy than concrete.


Thanks to our light foundation system (foundation screws), WOODCAB does not use concrete.


Desire for simplicity is at the heart of the WOODCAB philosophy. Our prices are transparent, without intermediate costs, and the quotes are personalised. Payments can be deferred or split thanks to our leasing offer. WOODCAB cabins do not require heavy foundations or complex connections. The prefabrication in the workshop guarantees a control over the execution and reduces dependence on climate variability. WOODCAB can be installed on any terrain and moved without a trace. In case of resale, we recondition your cabin to put it back on the second hand market.


All throughout the project, we have involved the best experts in the design and development of WOODCAB cabins. Built entirely of wood, they take advantage of the ecological benefits, acoustics, warmth, and lightness of the material. Combined with large windows open to the outside, the wood frame creates spaces bathed in natural light. Inside, the perforated panels allow for flexible and adaptable furniture.


WOODCAB cabins are modular and adaptable to various needs. 5 types of modules means a large number of combinations, customizable on all sides. Your modular arrangement gives your WOODCAB a unique character and fits into many installation contexts.


Institutional partners
Partenaires fournisseurs
avec qui nous partageons la
même philosophie circulaire