Our leasing solutions

You want to benefit from a WOODCAB by paying monthly without any long-term commitment ?

If you are self-employed (only for legal entities with a VAT number), leasing is the ideal option.

*Only for legal entities with a VAT number

WOODCABMonthly payments (from)
Tiny 6,3 sq. m375€/month
Tiny 9 sq. m425€/month
Cosy 11,7 sq. m500€/month
Cosy 14,4 sq. m590€/month
Maxi 17,3 sq. m680€/month
Maxi 19,8 sq. m775€/month
Leasing features
5-year term
Transport + placement included
Building and contents insurance
At the end of the lease, the Woodcab is yours or we take it back for free

*Flooring, electricity, light and ventilation are included. All other options are available