Maximise your workspace with Woodcab

The innovative and simple alternative for extending your workspace to boost your employer branding in line with your ESG objectives.

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Woodcab, a choice in line with your ESG corporate objectives

Environmental commitment

Your impact on the environment and CO2 emissions is reduced thanks to 100% local and circular materials and removable foundations.

Energy efficiency

Your energy consumption is reduced thanks to intensive insulation, air conditioning with a heat pump and a low-tech concept (external blinds, green roof, etc.).

Social responsibility

Employee well-being is enhanced by acoustic comfort, lighting and a design that encourages interaction.

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Boost Your Employer Branding with Woodcab

Innovation and well-being at work

Your working environment is a key lever for the creativity and well-being of your teams. Woodcab garden offices stimulate innovation, reinforcing your commitment to employee fulfilment.

Ecological responsibility

By integrating Woodcab’s sustainable solutions, you are affirming your commitment to preserving the environment. This enhances your positioning as a responsible employer, aligned with today’s ecological values.

Flexibility and adaptability

Adopting Woodcab demonstrates your ability to offer a flexible and adaptable working environment that meets modern expectations. It underlines your position as a visionary leader, attentive to the needs and well-being of your employees.

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Are you a freelance professional?

Woodcab and Traditional Offices: Perfectly Complementary

Harmonious extension of the workspace

Woodcab garden offices naturally extend your workspace. They take the pressure off your offices while maintaining the proximity needed for your business to run smoothly, providing space and comfort for your employees.

Diversity of working environments

With Woodcab, you enrich your range of workspaces. This allows your employees to choose their ideal environment for concentration, collaboration or creativity.

Agility and adaptability to new ways of working

Woodcab can be set up quickly, aligning perfectly with the “New Way of Working”. Ideal for team expansion or office redesign, Woodcab guarantees business continuity and an agile response to changes in the professional world.

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Woodcab makes it easy to adapt workspaces quickly, without taking any risks for the future

Space adaptability: Modularity and space planning

Our standardised modular construction system means that walls and technical installations can simply be moved to change the function or size of a room.

Durability and mobility: foundations and evolving structures

The removable foundations and demountable design of the structures mean you can move the building to optimise the layout on your site or resell the Woodcab via our second-hand platform.

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A turnkey solution

A turnkey solution

from delivery to installation, we take care of everything



Our solution can be adapted to your company's specific needs

Flexibility of use

Flexibility of use

from individual workstations to meeting rooms or coworking spaces


"As a cellist, I highly recommend Woodcab for the quality of the acoustics. The combination of perforated birch panels and wooden floors and ceilings help to create a warm and precise sound."

Raphaël, Cello player

"A bright, comfortable retreat where I can practise ceramics, basketry and music all year round in the heart of my garden."


"We were looking for a local product with an original design and an ecological approach. We fell in love with Woodcab. The acoustics, the quality of the wood, the finishes, the communication and the delivery: everything was perfectly planned and executed."

Your workspace

Your workspace

Create your own concentration bubble to escape distractions and improve productivity.

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