07 July 2023

“Woodcab : A living space in your garden” – An article published on 23/01/23 in Elle Deco, by Olivia Roks

Here you’ll find a summary of our product, the ideal living space for working at home from the garden, where we can isolate ourselves for teleworking, relaxation, meditation or even yoga.

We’re talking about design here : comfortable, heated, insulated and connected. All built locally from wood and glass. Installed in a day, without planning permission or foundations, available to rent or buy.

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05 July 2023

“Expand your space with Woodcab” – An article published on 30/11/22 in Le Point FR

A few minutes interview by the French magazine “Le Point” with Arthur and Cédric, co-founders of Woodcab, during which they talk about installation – fast and without constraints, the evolution of the market and their ambitions as well as teleworking.

Because yes, Woodcab is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to create their own bubble to work in the best possible conditions, from home.

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“Woodcab places offices in gardens: This space is also an alternative to extending your home” – An article published on 03/07/23 in la Libre ECO, by Solange Berger

This article talks about the different functions offered by a Woodcab, but the main focus is on work. What if the Woodcab wasn’t THE ideal solution for any company wanting to offer its employees a good work-life balance ?

Isn’t it nice to dream of a meeting room or a personal office in the middle of nature ?

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01 June 2023

Portrait in “Une brique dans le ventre” – 20/05/23

An interview on “Une brique dans le ventre” on 20/05/23

We are delighted that Woodcab appeared on 20/05/23 on the RTBF programme “Une brique dans le ventre”, a flagship programme that we have followed regularly since we were kids.

Stay tuned : in September, we will also be appearing on RTL’s Waldorado programme.

We are seeing growing interest in our flexible, forward-looking solution from the B2C and B2B public, as well as from the construction sector.

Thanks to RTBF, laUne and Sandrine Devuyst for thinking of us.
Thanks to the Snark production team for a job well done !

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“Set up an office in your garden with Woodcab” – An article published on 29/06/23 in the Trends Tendances, by Xavier Beghin

This article outlines our beginnings and the different features that make up our Woodcab’s: a wooden frame, a flat roof, multiplex panels, all installed on foundation screws.

The ideal plug & play solution for working or creating from your garden.

But that’s not all! We’re talking about the future of Woodcab, with the fund-raising that’s just coming to an end and the installation of one of our cabins in a company’s garden!

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“Woodcab : wooden constructions to extend the house… into the garden” – An article published on 10/03/22 in l’Eventail, by Solange Berger

In this article, you’ll find information about the genesis of the Woodcab project : from the thoughts of Arthur, engineer-architect, to his inspiring travels, including one to Japan, to the production of the first prototype a few years ago.

You’ll find information on installation, the timeframe and the various possible uses.

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Portrait in “Waldorado” – 16/09/23

An interview on “Waldorado” on 16/09/23

We are delighted to announce our recent appearance on RTL-TVI’s “Waldorado” programme.

During this programme, we had the opportunity to present our garden studios in detail, through a captivating video lasting just a few minutes. The video takes you on a tour of our facilities, highlighting the quality of our products and the attention to detail that characterises them.

What’s more, we’re honoured to have been able to share the positive feedback from our customers, who testify to their satisfaction through their experiences with our garden studios. This media opportunity has enabled us to show the public the versatility of our creations, designed to enrich our customers’ outdoor lives.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the production team behind “Waldorado” on RTL-TVI for this exceptional opportunity. We look forward to continuing to inspire and create extraordinary outdoor spaces for our customers.

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