02 November 2023

Tiny House, Garden Studio and Garden Shed : Understanding the differences

Housing trends are constantly evolving, and new living options are emerging to meet people’s changing needs. Among these options, tiny houses, garden studios and garden sheds have become popular for their uniqueness and versatility. However, it’s important to understand the differences between these concepts to choose the solution that’s right for you. In this article, we’ll explore these differences.

Tiny House

Tiny houses, or “miniature homes”, are compact dwellings designed to offer functional living in a limited space. They are generally built on a trailer, which allows for a degree of mobility. Here are some of the key features of tiny houses :

  1. Small size : Tiny houses are often limited to 37 square metres or less. This means that every square centimetre is optimised for efficient use.
  2. Customisable design : Tiny houses are tailor-made to suit individual needs and preferences. This allows owners to personalise their living space.
  3. Self-sufficiency : Many tiny houses are designed to be self-sufficient in energy, thanks to solar panels, rainwater collection systems and ecological toilets.
  4. Mobility : Most tiny houses are built on trailers, making them easy to move around.

Garden Studio

A garden studio, such as our Woodcab’s, sometimes called a “garden shed” or “living shed”, is a self-contained living space that is usually located in the garden of a main house. Here are some key features of garden studios :

  1. Extension to the main house : Garden studios are often used as an extension to the main residence, serving as an office, workshop, relaxation area or even accommodation for guests or family.
  2. Variable size : Garden studios can vary considerably in size, from a few square metres to more spacious areas. At Woodcab we range from 6 to 20m2.
  3. Connection to utilities : Garden studios are usually connected to the utilities of the main house (such as electricity, water,…).
  4. Customisation options : Garden studios offer design flexibility to suit the specific needs of the owner.

Garden Shed

Garden sheds, on the other hand, are simpler structures designed primarily for storage. Here are some of the key features of garden sheds :

  1. Storage use : Garden sheds are designed to store gardening tools, outdoor equipment, bicycles, lawnmowers and similar items.
  2. Modest size : They are generally small enough to meet storage needs.
  3. Little or no insulation : Garden sheds often have minimal or no insulation, and are not intended for long-term habitable use.
  4. Not customised : Unlike tiny houses and garden studios, garden sheds are generally standardised and don’t allow much flexibility in terms of customisation.

In short, tiny houses are self-contained dwellings designed for compact living, garden studios are living spaces with a variety of functions in the garden of a main residence, and garden sheds are mainly intended for storage.

The choice between these options will depend on your specific needs in terms of accommodation or additional space. Whatever your preference, these solutions offer innovative alternatives for maximising the use of space and enhancing your lifestyle.

With Woodcab, we offer a garden studio as a space for relaxation, work and creativity, as an alternative to traditional extensions.