26 July 2023

Testimonial – “Everyone needs a room outside the house where they can be themselves and do what they want” – Eleonora and her office

With COVID and work at home, cohabitation with her husband had become complicated. That’s when Eléonora and her husband discovered Woodcab cabins, perfectly suited to their garden. Now they can stay concentrated all day, which is essential in creative jobs.

With its quality design and luminosity, Woodcab has saved their lives !

Find out more here : https://woodcab.eu/en/work/

20 July 2023

Testimonial – “It is a real vacation feeling” – Kim and her office

Living in Dilbeek in her grandparents’ family home, Kim and her family decided to enhance it with an office. Initially considering an extension, they finally opted for a “studio” in their garden and their search led them to Woodcab.

What was supposed to be a simple workspace quickly became a real oasis of life, where they work, have coffee, take shelter during rain showers, and sometimes even spend the night.

It’s a real piece of paradise in the heart of their garden.

Find out more here : https://woodcab.eu/en/relax/


Testimonial – “My Woodcab is my creative space, my own space” – Caroline and her creative studio

Caroline, who lives in Walloon Brabant, came across an advertisement for Woodcab, an artist’s studio, in a magazine. Seduced by the aesthetic design, the space and the intoxicating smell of wood, she set up her own Woodcab just 10 meters from her home.

This creative space allows her to isolate herself, reconnect and give free rein to her imagination.

Find out more here : https://woodcab.eu/en/create/