28 June 2023

The Advantages of the Leasing Solution for your Garden Studio

In an era where flexibility and speed of acquisition are increasingly valued, leasing garden studios and second-hand purchases are emerging as perfectly in sync solutions with the circular and functional economy. These innovative and rapidly expanding approaches emphasize usage over ownership. They offer the possibility to have a private workspace by creating a bubble close to home, while ensuring optimized cost management and great flexibility.

An Affordable Garden Studio

When considering investing in a garden studio, the cost question is often the first concern. This is where leasing and buying refurbished garden studios come into play, making these acquisitions more accessible.

With leasing, you can enjoy your garden studio with monthly payments without long-term commitment. This option is particularly interesting for freelancers and small businesses.

And for those who prefer to own while having a tighter budget, second-hand purchase offers an attractive alternative.

An All-Inclusive Package

Leasing a garden studio usually not only covers the price of the studio, but also the transportation and installation costs. Moreover, insurance for the building and contents is often included in the package. This all-inclusive package allows you to focus on what’s essential: your work and creativity.

Tax Advantages of Leasing

One of the major advantages of leasing is the opportunity to deduct lease payments as operating expenses, which can often reduce the overall tax burden for businesses and independent workers. However, tax specifics may vary depending on local legislation and the status of your business, so it is advised to consult a tax advisor.

Flexibility and Customization Options

Leasing a garden studio gives you great flexibility. At the end of the leasing period, which is generally 3, 5 or 7 years, you have the option to keep the studio or return it. The residual purchase value is fixed at the signing of the contract, which can be very advantageous.

Investing in a garden studio through a leasing solution is a smart choice for those looking to create a flexible and affordable personal workspace. This approach aligns with the principles of the circular and functional economy, where value is generated by the use of a product rather than its ownership. Whether you are a freelance worker looking for a quiet space to focus, or a small business looking to optimize workspace, the leasing solution for a garden studio could be the ideal solution for you.

If you’re seeking a leasing solution for a garden studio, know that at Woodcab, we offer these various options. We are here to help you find the solution that best fits your needs. You can visit our Leasing page for more information or contact us directly.