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01 June 2023

How can you create your own workspace in your garden ?

Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you lack the space to create your own office. That’s where a garden office can be extremely useful.

It’s a place where you can retreat to work, create or simply relax and breathe. Here are some of our tips and tricks for creating your own workspace in your garden :

Plan your space

Before you start building or buying a garden office, think about the ideal location in your garden. Also think about the size of the garden office you want, as well as the features you want to include, such as windows or a sliding door.

*At Woodcab, we will work with you right through to the positioning of the openings so that they fit in with your everyday life.

Opt for a natural design

The purpose of a garden office is to allow you to work in a natural setting. Try to choose a design that blends in with your natural surroundings and uses natural materials, such as wood.

Invest in functional, comfortable furniture

Make sure you choose comfortable furniture that will suit your professional needs. Take into account the level of storage you need (lots or few shelves? enclosed storage?). The ideal solution is to opt for a modular system, which will allow you to vary the location of the storage according to your needs.

Acoustic comfort for concentration

It is essential to create your own bubble so that you can stay focused throughout the day: whether it’s for a brainstorm, a video conference, a business meeting with one of your clients/patients, etc.

Adding decorative elements

To make your workspace more pleasant, add decorative elements that reflect your personality. Add plants, pictures or photos that inspire you.

Make sure your workspace is well-lit

The choice of lighting is crucial to creating a comfortable and productive working environment. Make sure you have enough natural light depending on the orientation of your garden, and invest in a quality light fitting to illuminate your workspace at all times.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Your garden office should be a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries when you’re not working. Add comfortable cushions, a rug or even a sound system to create a relaxing atmosphere.

By following these tips and tricks, you can create your own workspace in your garden. Take advantage of the natural environment to work, create or simply relax and breathe.