19 July 2023

Brussels-North is changing : The transition to mixed-use urbanisation adapted to the age of teleworking

The metamorphosis of Brussels’ Northern Quarter is well underway, from a mono-functional office district to a vibrant mixed-use area.
Witness the opening of The Hoxton Hotel and ZIN’s exemplary conversion of the WTC1 & 2 towers into housing, hotels, offices and public spaces.
Public facilities and mobility (via metro 3) will support the transition and connection of the district, according to the convictions of Pascal Smet, Secretary of State for Town Planning.

The functional mix (not forgetting crafts and industry) illustrated by this zone is an urgent solution for the development of our metropolises.
The reincarnation of this “Little Manhattan” is a perfect illustration of the upheaval taking place in the workplace. The recent standardisation of hybrid working is supported by innovative solutions such as coworking spaces (Silversquare), conference venues (Comet Meetings) and other “Remote Workspaces” (Ooofer).

Teleworking is also one of these long-term solutions.
We are convinced that it needs to be supported by appropriate infrastructure in the home to ensure a good work-life balance. Setting up a home office with a physical boundary is not always possible. For house owners with a garden, garden offices offer this possibility as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional extensions.

WOODCAB has positioned itself as a change maker, offering the first urban garden office solution in Belgium, designed to be sustainable, removable and top-of-the-range.