Step 2

Choice of cladding

There are three choices for the exterior material of your Woodcab, all three in ventilated openwork cladding with alternating 7 cm battens (2.4 cm thick) and 1 cm gaps:

1. Untreated natural pine cladding
This cladding is designed to last 20 years.
Without treatment, its colour will change from natural to grey under the effect of UV rays, but its technical and structural qualities will not be affected. A treatment consists of sanding and oiling the visible side (especially the sides exposed to the sun).

2. Heat-treated wood cladding
In this case, the wood is heated to a high temperature to make it rot-proof. The process, which does not involve the addition of chemicals, causes a definitive physical and chemical change in the wood’s components. This results in a change in colour, increased dimensional stability and greater resistance to fungi and wood-eating insects. The wood is treated throughout.

2. Burnt larch wood cladding
According to the old Japanese technique “Shou sugi Ban” (burnt + brushed + oiled). This treatment provides protection against insects, rot and sunlight. The dark colour remains stable over time and the durability of the cladding can exceed 20 years.