Step 1

Choice of model from Tiny 6m2 to Maxi 20m2

You can find detailed explanations of the features and benefits of the different sizes of Woodcab on the dedicated section of the website homepage. In 2 words:

The surfaces vary from 6,3m2 to 19,8m2, always with the same width of 2.52m.

The price is regressive depending on the size, ranging from about 3200 €/m2 (excl. VAT) for a Tiny model to 2200 €/m2 (excl. VAT) for a Maxi model.

The windows included by default in our offers are: 1 large fixed window (2m/2m), a French window (1m/2m) and a horizontal opening window (2m/1m). Larger models (from Cosy 11,7m2 upwards) can benefit from a sliding window set (4m/2m).

The method of transport is identical for all models. Delivery by crane truck is included in the basic price. If we have to use another method, the supplements can vary between 400€ and 2000€ for the majority of the cases.

Foundations and installation are also included in the basic price. We will come and survey the ground to determine the number and size of screws to be installed.

Larger models (Cosy 14.4m2 and above) can be covered with solar panels (incl. battery + inverter) in coordination with our specialist partner.