Step 5

Outdoor layout

Our Woodcab’s are customisable for customers to adapt to their needs and environment.

Openings to the outside
Our basic offer contains 3 typical glass openings that offer a wide range of combinations to create views and let in natural light. In addition to these 3 standard openings (glass door, horizontal tilt window and large fixed window), it is possible to add a set of sliding windows (4m/2m, available from Cosy 11,7 m2 and larger). This sliding window is ideal for creating a flowing relationship to the garden or to a terrace.

Terraces and access steps
To best integrate and access the Woodcab, and given that the Woodcab has a floor raised 45 cm from the ground outside, we propose either a simple step in burnt solid wood, or a terrace in local Larch which we place the same day as the Woodcab.

Solar gain management and green roof
In addition to the air conditioner we recommend the “ban italia” electric blind (black colour) on the south facing windows to limit heating.
The choice of a green roof also adds extra thermal insulation with evapotranspiration from the plants and the inertia of the soil layer. The vegetation also helps to maintain the ecosystem with a proportion of planted area identical to the original land.

And finally, for larger models, a solar system can be quoted and installed by our partner. We can’t give you a quote for a solar installation before our partner has come to visit you.