Step 4


We offer furniture that can be fixed into the perforated walls with a simple mechanical system. This furniture is made of the same panels as the wall finishes (pine or birch multi-ply). Anyone can change the position of a piece of furniture in 10 minutes to make the interior design evolve according to their desires and needs.


Concerning the electrical appliances and the capacity of the integrated installations, the Woodcab is powered by a simple 220 volt plug, which you can connect to a power supply on the day of installation, in plug and play mode. We offer a reversible air conditioner with a maximum power of 2.4kW and a consumption of 700W (heating and cooling) with an integrated air-to-air heat pump (no more unsightly and cumbersome visible outdoor unit). This air conditioner is silent and can be integrated in an air conditioner cover with the same finish as the interior finishing panels.
By default, the Woodcab is equipped with a switch to a surface-mounted light point and two sockets in black Bakelite, placed according to the customer’s wishes. We can place more sockets on request. We can provide an Ethernet cable to a socket placed as required.


It is possible to create an interior separation, with a door, to create a sanitary space. This space can be equipped with a sink, a shower and/or a toilet (dry or wet). You can indicate your need in the comment at the end of the form, or tell us about it when setting up the final quote. We can send you our references for each sanitary appliance and for the floor and wall coverings. Of course the room is ventilated.